Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Roundball Rockin'

Collegiate Hoops

There are over forty NCAA games today.  There won't be forty picks made.  After last night's startling results on the hardwood, it makes one rethink the choices to be made.  Nah, time to pick some games.  Still won't catch me in Vegas or Atlantic City, though.

  1. Alabama has a phenomenal football team; however, Coach K and his Blue Devils squad led by Jabari Parker will remind them with a sound whipping tonight in the NIT Semi-Finals.
  2. Arkansas goes up against Gonzaga.  Go, Bulldogs.
  3. Wisconsin faces off against West Virginia in Cancun. Adios, Mountaineers.
  4. Syracuse beat Cal last night and now take on the eighteenth-ranked Baylor Bears.  Orange triumphs again.
  5. The Drexel Dragons square off in the NIT Semis against the Arizona Wildcats.  Arizona will stay undefeated.
  6. Illegal Game of the Day features Eastern Michigan at Kentucky.  That paycheck must be a good one.
  7. Late Game: TCU Horned Frogs play at Alaska Anchorage in the Great Alaska Shootout Tourney at 2:00 A.M. CST.  I'll check the results tomorrow morning over coffee.  Push.


One dozen professional-level games get played today, but only a few rate my interest.  I agree with Charles Barkley about the East being terrible.  He gets paid to watch that madness while I get to pick what will sully my eyes.  Is there no one who can defeat the Miami Heat in the East? No one? Sigh.
  1. LA Lakers at Brooklyn tonight? Brooklyn loses like they did until the Toronto game last night. Huh? How'd they do that?
  2. Joke Reel: Cleveland has the Miami Heat coming to town.  I've seen the ads about the new face of the Cavs against the former face of the Cavs. James and Co. annihilate the Cavs tonight. Yawn.
  3. San Antonio's Grumpy Old Men visit the youngsters in OKC.  This one will be too exciting to call at this point.  My son is pulling for the Spurs as usual, but I find Durant an intriguing player. Push.
  4. Will Lob City return in the game against the visiting NY Knicks? Tony Kornheiser sure hopes not and will hopefully mention something about the game on PTI later today.
  5. After that crazy 360-degree dunk last night, Washington bears watching.  Too bad they're playing the Bucs. Yawn number two.
Last Words: Cheers to the Dallas Stars for the win at home over Anaheim.  Three goals in fifty-three seconds just makes the eyes dizzy and the heart race with delight if the team you want to win does it.  Good job, guys!

Lady Grid out.

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