Monday, November 25, 2013

Edge Fest

Don't get excited, alternative music fans.  Your concert comes next spring.  If the final margin of points separating winner from loser is seven or less, it's an edge.  St. Louis dominated the Bears with a score of 42 to 21; that's not an edge.  The Buccaneers edged the Lions. The Chargers edged the Chiefs.  That bears repeating: the Chargers edged the Chiefs.  The Cowboys edged the Giants for the second time this season.  I can't believe the Silver and Blue has beaten every team in their division at least once this year.  Hubby is ecstatic about the NFC East standings with Dallas ahead of Philly. The Titans edged the Raiders out in Oakland.  Pretty Boy and the Patriots edged General Peyton and the Broncos in a late finish in overtime after the Broncos were leading 24-0 at the half.  These were the wins I didn't expect to happen, or at least, I picked the loser of the match-ups thinking, "Heh, heh, I'll get these picks right!" I threw up a brick in my college and pro picks, so we'll see how my previous prediction of a Niners win turns out.  Watch Robert Griffin, III, have a banner night to spite me and avenge his alma mater's lackluster performance in Stillwater. Ouch, the brick hit me in the head.  Ugh.  I'll take two aspirin now please.

Fly-by-night NBA chat
  1. Were we surprised the Lakers beat Sacramento? Nope.
  2. How about the Clippers trouncing the Rose-less Bulls? Nope. I do wish D. Rose a complete recovery from knee surgery later today.  We'll see if he returns to the hardwood this season after waiting it out so long last year.
  3. Surely Phoenix over Orlando in Orlando. Nah, visit Disney World.
  4. OKC whipping up on Utah. Nope.
  5. Maybe the win by Detroit over the Brooklyn Nets? You're kidding, right. Not surprised at all. Give me two more aspirin in four or so hours, and it'll be good.

Lady Grid out.

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