Sunday, November 3, 2013

College Wrap-Up/Pro Picks - November 3, 2013

College Ball

First things first: prayers for Tra Carson, the Texas A&M University running back who suffered some type of head and neck trauma in Saturday night's game against UTEP. Kyle Field was noiseless as thousands of eyes focused on the prone form of a young football player. He moved his hands and feet, so this is a good sign, but pray for a complete recovery.

1.  The VT Hokies were upstaged by BC Eagles. Fail.
2.  The Florida State Seminoles made a case for the BCS geniuses.
3.  The Fighting Irish edged the Midshipmen.
4.  Sparty thrashed the visiting Wolverines like nobody's business.
5.  The Air Force Falcons rolled over the Army.
6.  Ohio State blanked the Boilermakers.
7.  UNC surprised the Wolf Pack Nation with a victory on the road.
8.  The Jayhawks made that unnecessary journey.
9.  Texas State wore out the Vandals.
10. Arkansas put up some nice points, but they were too little, too late against the Auburn War Eagle.
11.  Texas Tech suffered a loss at home to Pistol Pete and the Oklahoma State Cowboys.
12.  Poor Tennessee couldn't even get a touchdown against the powerful Missouri Tigers.

Pro Football

Prayers go out to John Fox as he recovers from a cardiac episode.  His assistants will do their best; however, without the main coach, it will be tough for the Broncos.  I am thankful that doctors were able to take care of him quickly.

There are a few games that even I want to turn away from this week.  Some of the pairings almost defy description, but I will throw in my two cents anyway. I am feeling pushy about a few but will make a call when forced.  Miami stunned Cincinnati. In Cincinnati. With a safety no less.  That has only happened twice before according to the sports experts. 
  1. Minnesota Vikings come to Dallas led by Christian Ponder.  The Cowboys need to play above the level of their opponent and not do this "meeting of the minds" business that has them looking mediocre at best and inept at worst.
  2. Kansas City takes its show on the road to Buffalo to pound on the Bills.  KC wins.
  3. Say It Isn't So Game Number One:  The St. Louis Rams host the Tennessee Titans. I don't think I can watch this one.  If the two teams score more than thirty points combined, I will be shocked.
  4. New Orleans heads up north for a little game against the New York Jets.  The Saints whip the Jets. Who dat?
  5. Say It Isn't So Game Number Two:  San Diego squares off against the Washington Redskins in the nation's capital.  This is another one I won't want to see because both teams have behaved in an average fashion despite the 'Skins strong efforts against the Broncos a while back.  Peck's Bad Boy Philip Rivers versus Robert Griffin, III? Push.
  6. Atlanta plays conference rival Carolina in Carolina. Will the Falcons finally start to show their potential and beat a team on the road? Will Tony G. and Matt R. light up the skies with offensive fireworks? What do you think will happen?
  7. Say It Isn't So Game Number Three:  Tampa Bay flew out west to get grounded and pounded by the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe they'll get some offense going once Pete Carroll puts in his second-string players. This game should be illegal in fifty states.
  8. Philadelphia will give Oakland a run for their money.  The Raider faithful will give them a hissing reception as Oakland ekes out a victory after some crazy turnovers.
  9. Baltimore ventures to Cleveland and the legendary Dawg Pound.  Cleveland has the only NFL sanctioned fan club in the league.  Wow. 
  10. Pittsburgh journeys to  New England.  Will the real Tom Brady show up? Will his receivers catch ball? Will the Steelers pull off an upset against the now struggling Patriots? Patriots win.
  11. Indianapolis Colts make a call on the Houston Texans.  It won't be a friendly chat time amongst old friends.  JJ Watt will have a great day, but he is on defense and cannot carry the offense.  Colts obliterate the Texans.
  12. A Jay Cutler-less Chicago team leaves the Windy City to try to beat the Green Bay Packers who are undefeated at home this year so far.  Get ready to hear "Bang the Drum" as the receiving corps does the Lambeau Leap for the rabid Packer faithful.  If you don't believe me, try to buy season tickets in Green Bay.  Har har har.

If you saw ESPN's Around the Horn on Thursday, October 31, then you know that Israel Gutierrez channeled Justin Bieber a little too well.  Just saying.

Lady Grid out.

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