Saturday, November 30, 2013

No Mo Bo?

The Huskers lost to Iowa 38-17, and that display by Coach Pelini was something to behold.  Will he return, or will Nebraska cut their losses after six years with him.  Apparently, Coach Pelini is not the easiest person to have as an employee; however, many of his players like him a great deal and would hate to see him leave.  Only four losses a season for all of his seasons.  That's not horrible, but it hasn't been the BCS-quality season the Husker faithful would have wanted. We will wait and see. 

This is the last weekend of regular season college football, and I will be in mourning.  The bright part of this sadness is that the bowls will be coming soon.  Wild predictions will be made; some choices will be spot-on; others will make you scratch your head. It has been a fun season so far.  Let's go for some spoilers today!
  1. Minnesota heads east to visit Michigan State.  Spartans will get the Gophers today.
  2. The Penn State Nittany Lions are in Wisconsin to get a good old-fashioned Badger Beatdown.
  3. Ohio State wants to dominate Michigan in their classic rivalry.  Both teams are primed and ready for the showdown.  Go Blue.
  4. The Texas A&M Aggies go to the "Show Me" state of Missouri.  Let's hope the defense shows up against the number five-ranked Tigers. Gig 'em!
  5. FSU paddles over to the Swamp to see the Florida Gators.  The Gators will give them some good moments but will come up short this time.  How they would LOVE to topple a number two team right before the BCS bowl selection. Sometimes spoilers do serve a purpose.  Seminoles win.
  6. Cross-town rivals UCLA come to the Coliseum to USC.  USC prevails over the hated Bruins.
  7. The Match-up of the Day features Alabama and Auburn in the Iron Bowl.  I will dance with glee if Auburn knocks off the Tide.  AJ McCarron's a nice young man who wears a pair of bands on his arm in honor of his young friend and fan Starla.  I hate to see little girls upset, but I'm in a spoiler mood today.
  8. Duke Blue Devils play cross-state rivals UNC today.  Wait, it's not time for a round ball discussion, is it?  Just kidding.  The Blue Devils want a shot at their first ACC title for football. They will probably get it today.
  9. Georgia at Georgia Tech? The Dawg stomps the Yellow Jacket.
  10. Baylor will obliterate TCU with a sixty-point score today.  What's happened to the Frogs lately since joining the Big XII? Yikes.
  11. Virginia Tech wants to make the Virginia Cavaliers' last game of the season a bad one. They triumph today.
  12. Kansas State trounces Kansas into dust in the wind.
  13. The South Carolina Gamecocks want to rock Clemson's world today. Clemson protects QB Tahj Boyd from Jadaveon Clowney and his crew for a close victory at the end.  There's that tiger!
  14. Notre Dame plays Stanford.  That's too bad for the Fighting Irish.  The Cardinal demolishes them.

Yergh Alert: The Yellow Flag of Shame may be thrown at Coach Tomlinson if he did impede the running of Mr. Jones.  Hmm. . .

Lady Grid out.

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