Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wrong Again!

I didn't get my way, but I'm not pitching a fit or a no-no like Seattle Mariners' pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma. Congratulations on your accomplishment! More predictions (really guesses!) are incorrect than are correct.

  1. Baltimore at Seattle                           Wrong! Mariners
  2. Cincinnati at San Diego                     Wrong! Reds
  3. Philadelphia at Arizona                     Wrong! Phillies
  4. Houston at San Francisco                 Wrong! Astros
  5. Boston at Miami                                YAY!
  6. Oakland at Toronto                           YAY!
  7. NY Yankees at Cleveland                 Wrong! Indians
  8. Colorado at NY Mets                         YAY!
  9. Atlanta at Tampa Bay                        Wrong! Rays
  10. Pittsburgh at St. Louis                        yay (I wanted the Bucs to win)
  11. Milwaukee at ChiCubs                      YAY!
  12. LA Angels at ChiSox                         YAY!
  13. Texas at Minnesota                            Wrong! Twins
  14. Detroit at Kansas City                       Yay, I was wrong! Woot, Tigers!
  15. Washington at LA Dodgers               YAY!

Thursday, August 13, 2015
I want the Pirates to surprise me and make me wrong today. I really would love to be wrong this time. We'll see.
  1. Rockies at Mets                                 Mets
  2. Athletics at Blue Jays                        Blue Jays
  3. Rangers at Twins                               Rangers (Today’s our day!)
  4. Brewers at Cubs                                 Cubs
  5. Yankees at Indians                             Indians (Bombers are in a slump now.)
  6. Pirates at Cardinals                            Cardinals (Make me wrong, Bucs!)
  7. Angels at Royals                                Royals because the Tigers beat them yesterday.
  8. Reds at Dodgers                                 Dodgers, sorry Todd Frazier!
  9. Nationals at Giants                             Giants (Did you expect a different choice?)
You know I was desperate to watch a little football when I turned on the rebroadcast of the Sunday Night Football game on the NFL Network last night. I know it's preseason, so I don't worry too much about the Cowboys in action tonight.

Lady Grid out.

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