Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fifty is the New Forty!

As it stands, I am fifty percent correct from yesterday’s predictions.  I was especially pleased to be wrong about the Rangers after that monster third inning with three home runs and five runs scored. Woo-hoo! I listened to a radio broadcast of the game last night and discovered why both of my grandfathers used their ears and imaginations for the national pastime. I hope that the LORD allows baseball in Heaven. They’ve probably played against and with each other in the Heavenly Leagues multiple times by now. Play ball!

  1. Twins at Blue Jays                                                 Blue Jays
  2. Cubs at Pirates                                                       Pirates – postponed due to rain delays in fifth inning with game tied at 1-1.
  3. Diamondbacks at Nationals                                   Nationals
  4. Astros at Rangers                                                   Astros
  5. Mariners at Rockies                                               Mariners
  6.  Indians at LA Angels                                            Angels

Tuesday, August 4, 2015
  1. BoSox at NY Yankees                                         NY Yankees (hit a HR anyway, Big Papi!)
  2. Arizona at Washington                                         Washington gets a win and starts gum-flapping.
  3. LA Dodgers at Philadelphia                                 LA Dodgers
  4. Kansas City at Detroit                                          Kansas City (I hope no one gets beaned.)
  5. St. Louis at Cincinnati                                          St. Louis (sigh)
  6. NY Mets at Miami                                                Miami
  7. Astros at Rangers                                                  Rangers (Keep the dream alive)
  8. Tampa Bay at ChiSox                                           Tampa Bay
  9. Seattle at Colorado                                               Seattle (Cano with a HR?)
  10. Baltimore at Oakland                                            Baltimore

Lady Grid out.

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