Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Happened to the Yankees?

"Tuesday Afternoon," a rather psychedelic song by Moody Blues is running through my mind for some reason. The flute melody keeps circling in my mind; I put it down to being bone-tired at the beginning of the school year as I get my teacher legs back in gear. Enough yak yak about the classroom. The red means I blew my pick. C'est la guerre!

  1. Astros at Yankees                   Astros with a 15-1 pasting!
  2. Padres at Nationals                 Nationals
  3. Mets at Phillies                       Mets
  4. Angels at Tigers                     Angels add insult to injury after the thumping the Reds put on Detroit yesterday.
  5. Brewers at Indians                  Indians
  6. Rockies at Braves                   Braves
  7. Dodgers at Reds                     Dodgers snap their five game losing streak.
  8. Pirates at Marlins                    Pirates
  9. Twins at Rays                         Rays
  10. Blue Jays at Rangers              Rangers
  11. Red Sox at White Sox            Red Sox
  12. Orioles at Royals                    Royals
  13. Cardinals at D-backs              Cardinals
  14. Athletics at Mariners              Athletics after that sloppy, undisciplined play by Robbie Cano.
  15. Cubs at Giants                        Cubs
Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - with more series play continuing.
  1. Houston at NY Yankees
  2. Oakland at Seattle
  3. San Diego at Washington
  4. NY Mets at Philadelphia
  5. LA Angels at Detroit
  6. Milwaukee at Cleveland
  7. Colorado at Atlanta
  8. LA Dodgers at Cincinnati
  9. Pittsburgh at Miami
  10. Minnesota at Tampa Bay
  11. Boston at ChiSox
  12. Toronto at Texas
  13. Baltimore at Kansas City
  14. St. Louis at Arizona
  15. ChiCubs at San Francisco
Lady Grid out.

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