Sunday, August 30, 2015

Eight Out of Fifteen Spot On!

I barely made over fifty percent of the predictions correct for Saturday. C'est la vie.

1.     Tigers at Blue Jays                  Blue Jays
2.     Red Sox at Mets                      Mets get revenge.
3.     Cardinals at Giants                 Giants keep happy dance going.
4.     Royals at Rays                        Royals
5.     Marlins at Nationals                Marlins because I keep getting burned by the Nats.
6.     Padres at Phillies                     Phillies
7.     Rockies at Pirates                    Pirates
8.     Mariners at White Sox            White Sox, definitely!
9.     Angels at Indians                    Tribe again.
10. Reds at Brewers                      Reds don’t let me down.
11. Astros at Twins                       Astros do your magic.
12. Yankees at Braves                  Yankees, sigh.
13. Orioles at Rangers                   Orioles snap their losing streak ways at my Rangers’ expense.
14. Athletics at Diamondbacks     D-backs again.
15. Cubs at Dodgers                     Cubs get this one since Kershaw pitched last night.

Sunday, August 30, 2015
  1. Detroit at Toronto
  2. Boston at NY Mets
  3. LA Angels at Cleveland
  4. Kansas City at Tampa Bay
  5. NY Yankees at Atlanta
  6. Miami at Washington
  7. San Diego at Philadelphia
  8. Colorado at Pittsburgh
  9. Seattle at ChiSox
  10. Cincinnati at Milwaukee
  11. Houston at Minnesota
  12. Baltimore at Texas
  13. St. Louis at San Francisco
  14. Oakland at Arizona
  15. ChiCubs at LA Dodgers


The Cowboys are 0-3 in preseason, and Dez Bryant has a tweaked hamstring yet managed to jump and chest-bump a teammate after a touchdown in second quarter. Hmm. Here’s hoping Andy Dalton is okay after leaving the Bengals’ game early. Kirk Cousins will start as QB for the Washington Redskins after an independent neurologist said Robert Griffin, III, was not medically cleared to play. Best wishes for a complete recovery from that concussion. Ryan Tannehill looked good against the Falcons in the Dolphins’ victory. Whoop! The Buffalo Bills have a quarterback problem. They did well, and now Coach Rex Ryan has the opportunity to decide which young man will lead his offense for the season. Nice.

Lady Grid out.

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