Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Batting .500

It was nice to see Rougned Odor finally douse Adrian Beltre in celebration after his walk with bases loaded. Beltre is a shifty dude who dodges this tradition whenever he can. The Pirates have to wait another day for win number seventy. Here's hoping it's this evening as they continue the series against the Diamondbacks. I was right half of the time on Monday.
  1. Athletics at Orioles
  2. Twins at Yankees
  3. Diamondbacks at Pirates        (They get win number 70 today!)
  4. Indians at Red Sox
  5. Giants at Cardinals
  6. Mariners at Rangers
  7. Marlins at Brewers
  8. Rays at Astros
  9. White Sox at Angels
  10. Braves at Padres
Tuesday, August 18, 2015—I'll underline my picks for today's games.
  1. NY Mets at Baltimore
  2. Minnesota at NY Yankees
  3. Toronto at Philadelphia
  4. Arizona at Pittsburgh
  5. Cleveland at Boston
  6. Kansas City at Cincinnati
  7. Detroit at ChiCubs
  8. Seattle at Texas
  9. Miami at Milwaukee
  10. Tampa Bay at Houston
  11. ChiSox at LA Angels
  12. San Francisco at St. Louis
  13. Washington at Colorado
  14. LA Dodgers at Oakland
  15. Atlanta at San Diego
My condolences to Kathie Lee Gifford after the loss of her beloved husband Frank Gifford. She gave a loving tribute to him when she returned to Today

Lady Grid out.

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