Monday, August 10, 2015

Red and Green—Not Fit to be Seen

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Look at my correct predictions highlighted in green with some red added to the mix. You’ll see what I mean.

  1. Toronto at NY Yankees                Toronto (Broom City!)
  2. Boston at Detroit                           Detroit
  3. Minnesota at Cleveland                Minnesota
  4. NY Mets at Tampa Bay                NY Mets
  5. Colorado at Washington               Washington
  6. ChiSox at Kansas City                  Kansas City
  7. St. Louis at Milwaukee                 St. Louis
  8. San Francisco at ChiCubs             Chicago
  9. Baltimore at LA Angels                Baltimore
  10. Houston at Oakland                      Houston (originally I wrote the team name)
  11. Philadelphia at San Diego             Philadelphia
  12. Texas at Seattle                             Texas
  13. Cincinnati at Arizona                    Cincinnati
  14. Miami at Atlanta                           Atlanta
  15. LA Dodgers at Pittsburgh             Pittsburgh

Here we go again! I’m not sure if a smaller sample size to choose from is better for my percentage or not. The playing partners have changed, but will the results be the same? You see what I mean about the Nationals? I figured it'd be a good home field advantage hosting the Rockies. Once again I was foiled. I was also foiled by my Rangers, the Reds, Braves, Mets, etc.
  1. Rockies at NY Mets                           Mets
  2. Tigers at Royals                                  Royals
  3. Angels at White Sox                          White Sox
  4. Phillies at Diamondbacks                   Diamondbacks
  5. Orioles at Mariners                             Orioles
  6. Nationals at Dodgers                          Dodgers (Hit me a HR, Joc and Yasiel!)
  7. Reds at Padres                                    Padres   

I am perfect on my NFL predictions while it lasts. Congrats to the Minnesota Vikings in the Hall of Fame game.

Lady Grid out.                   

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