Thursday, August 20, 2015

Long Day's Journey Into Night

I was at my school three hours after we were allowed to leave, but I had work to complete and a quiet setting in which to work. I won't have to put in that extra three hours tomorrow as a result. I love what I do, but I wish I had more time to get everything accomplished a little faster than before. That's life in the big city.  Time for baseball, folks. I'm hoping that the outlook for today's games is much better for my percentages. Play ball!
  1. Twins at Yankees                 Yankees
  2. Mariners at Rangers              Rangers
  3. Marlins at Brewers                Brewers
  4. Dodgers at Athletics              Dodgers
  5. Braves at Padres                    Braves
  6. Mets at Orioles                      Orioles
  7. Blue Jays at Phillies              Blue Jays
  8. D-backs at Pirates                  Pirates
  9. Indians at Red Sox                 Red Sox
  10. Royals at Reds                       Royals
  11. Giants at Cardinals                Cardinals
  12. Tigers at Cubs                        Cubs
  13. Rays at Astros                        Astros
  14. Nationals at Rockies              Nationals (I know it’s risky!)
  15. White Sox at Angels              Angels
Thursday, August 20, 2015
  1. Giants at Pirates
  2. Twins at Orioles
  3. Indians at Yankees
  4. Rangers at Tigers
  5. Royals at Red Sox
  6. D-backs at Reds
  7. Phillies at Marlins
  8. Braves at Cubs
  9. Rays at Astros
  10. Nationals at Rockies
  11. White Sox at Angels
Lady Grid out.

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