Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Baseball, Bengals, and a Sober Reminder

The first day of school saps my energy. I didn’t have time to make predictions, but some results were pleasing to me, especially the Pirates’ and Mets’ wins. I got a kick out of seeing Pedro Martinez and Harold Reynolds on MLB Network as they discussed what’s troubling the Dodgers. Bring back Joc!

  1. Astros at Yankees                   Astros
  2. Padres at Nationals                 Nationals
  3. Mets at Phillies                       Mets
  4. Angels at Tigers                     Angels add insult to injury after the thumping the Reds put on Detroit yesterday.
  5. Brewers at Indians                  Indians
  6. Rockies at Braves                   Braves
  7. Dodgers at Reds                     Dodgers snap their five game losing streak.
  8. Pirates at Marlins                    Pirates
  9. Twins at Rays                         Rays
  10. Blue Jays at Rangers               Rangers
  11. Red Sox at White Sox             Red Sox
  12. Orioles at Royals                     Royals
  13. Cardinals at D-backs               Cardinals
  14. Athletics at Mariners               Athletics after that sloppy, undisciplined play by Robbie Cano.
  15. Cubs at Giants                         Cubs

The Cincinnati Bengals must evaluate the dearth of offense firepower. What’s happening with Andy Dalton and A.C. Green’s rapport on field? Why did I turn off the game after that last interception? I was too embarrassed to watch.

My condolences to the grieving family and friends of IndyCar race car driver Justin Wilson who succumbed to injuries sustained in Sunday's race. May the LORD comfort his wife and children especially.

Lady Grid out.

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