Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fantastic Friday Finish!

Friday found me feeling pretty good with an incredible eighty-seven percent correctly picked. I really ought to calculate my percentage for the summer's picks I've made. The true blue shows my successful choices. Red marks the mistakes. Carry on.

1.     ChiCubs at ChiSox                             ChiCubs
2.     Oakland at Baltimore                          Baltimore
3.     NY Yankees at Toronto                      Toronto
4.     Seattle at Boston                                 Boston
5.     Pittsburgh at NY Mets                        Pittsburgh is riding high after beating the Cardinals!
6.     Arizona at Atlanta                              Atlanta
7.     Tampa Bay at Texas                           Texas
8.     LA Angels at Kansas City                  Kansas City avenges their loss from Thursday
9.     Philadelphia at Milwaukee                 Milwaukee
10. Cleveland and Minnesota                   Cleveland
11. Detroit at Houston                              Houston
12. Miami at St. Louis                              Let me guess – St. Louis? Of course.
13. San Diego at Colorado                       San Diego
14. Cincinnati at LA Dodgers                  Cincinnati
15. Washington at San Francisco             San Francisco

Saturday, August 15, 2015

A day for enjoying the national pastime while listening to a radio broadcast of the game being played in your local area! I will be tuned in later this evening as my Rangers host the Rays.
  1. Yankees at Blue Jays              Blue Jays start winning again!
  2. Mariners at Red Sox               Red Sox
  3. Athletics at Baltimore             Baltimore
  4. Cubs at White Sox                  Cubs
  5. Angels at Royals                     Royals with win number 70
  6. Phillies at Brewers                  Phillies
  7. Indians at Twins                     Indians
  8. D-backs at Braves                   Braves
  9. Tigers at Astros                       Astros
  10. Pirates at Mets                         Pirates although the Cubs want them to lose.
  11. Marlins at Cardinals                Cardinals
  12. Rays at Rangers                      Rangers
  13. Padres at Rockies                    Padres
  14. Reds at Dodgers                      Dodgers
  15. Nationals at Giants                 Giants

My son was happy to see some Carolina Panthers football action on NFL Redzone last night. Hearing football in the household makes me think that autumn is just around the corner. Cooler temperatures, tasty food, and multiple Saturday game broadcasts beckon us into gridiron gazing glory. 

Lady Grid out.

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