Thursday, September 10, 2015

Postponed Games May Save the Day

This is by far the worst outing I've had in my predictions this season. I think the ump would toss me from the game with a "Hit the showers; you're through!" I pick up my glove and drag my leaden feet towards the towels and cover my head in shame.
  1. Rangers at Mariners                Rangers solve this puzzle, I hope.
  2. Rockies at Padres                    Padres
  3. Blue Jays at Yankees              Blue Jays (Postponed)
  4. Cubs at Phillies                       Cubs (Postponed)
  5. Brewers at Pittsburgh             Pirates 
  6. Tigers at Indians                     Indians
  7. Mets at Braves                        Mets
  8. Cardinals at Reds                    Cardinals lost 11-0. To the Reds!
Friday- September 11, 2015

  1. Athletics at Rangers                            Rangers
  2. Cubs at Phillies                                   Cubs
  3. Blue Jays at Yankees                          Blue Jays
  4. Royals at Orioles                                 Royals
  5. Brewers at Pirates                               Pirates
  6. Tigers at Indians                                 Indians
  7. Cardinals at Reds                                Cardinals
  8. Nationals at Marlins                            Marlins
  9. Red Sox at Rays                                 Red Sox
  10. Mets at Braves                                    Mets
  11. Twins at White Sox                            White Sox
  12. Cubs and Phillies (double-header)      Phillies
  13. Dodgers at Diamondbacks                 Dodgers
  14. Astros at Angels                                 Astros
  15. Rockies at Mariners                            Rockies
  16. Padres at Giants                                  Giants

The Steelers' defense had some bright shining moments, but they were too few and too far in between. The luck of the Pats continues. They are 1-0. Sigh.

My alma mater Plano East has its first district game against Flower Mound on Friday evening. Go, Panthers! Mama's Lincoln High Tigers face Samuell High School in a non-district game. Go, Tigers!

Lady Grid out.

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