Sunday, September 27, 2015

So Long, Sundays of September!


For Saturday’s games, I was correct more often than not; however, here are the results.
1.      Pittsburgh vs. Cubs                            Incorrect.
2.      Texas vs. Houston                              Correct, unfortunately for my Rangers.
3.      Tampa Bay vs. Toronto                     Correct.
4.      Baltimore vs. Boston                         Incorrect
5.      ChiSox vs. NY Yankees                    Correct, unfortunately.
6.      San Francisco vs. Oakland                 Incorrect
7.      Philadelphia vs. Washington             Incorrect. The Nats perplex me. Argh!
8.      NY Mets at Cincinnati                       Correct!
9.      Minnesota at Detroit                          Correct, unfortunately.
10.  Cleveland at Kansas City                  Incorrect.
11.  Atlanta at Miami                                Correct.
12.  Milwaukee at St. Louis                      Correct.
13.  LA Dodgers at Colorado                   Incorrect.
14.  Arizona at San Diego                         Incorrect.
15.  Seattle at LA Angels                          Correct.

Sunday, September 27, 2015 

  1. White Sox vs. Yankees                 Yankees
  2. Rays vs. Blue Jays                        Blue Jays
  3. Twins vs. Tigers                            Twins
  4. Mets vs. Reds                               Mets
  5. Braves vs. Marlins                        Braves
  6. Orioles vs. Red Sox                      Red Sox (I want to be wrong; I want Adam Jones to homer and win, but I’m writing what I think is most likely to happen.)
  7. Phillies vs. Nationals                     Phillies
  8. Rangers vs. Astros                        Rangers
  9. Indians vs. Royals                         Royals
  10. Brewers vs. Cardinals                   Cardinals
  11. Mariners vs. Angels                      Mariners
  12. Giants vs. Athletics                       Athletics
  13. Diamondbacks vs. Padres             Diamondbacks
  14. Dodgers vs. Rockies                     Rockies
  15. Pirates vs. Cubs                             Cubs. I don’t like picking against Andrew, but it’s only an opinion anyway. I’d rather the Pirates win.

Gridiron Time!

College Round-Up

I am at a seventy-five percent success rate this week. That’s not too bad.
  1. Central Michigan brings its 1-2 record to Michigan State and leaves 1-3.
  2. BYU travels to Michigan and gets surprised.
  3. Southern at Georgia is really a game scheduled for today? That Dawg has his day.
  4. The USC Trojans heal from last week’s loss against Stanford by beating Arizona State Sun Devils.
  5. Georgia Tech plays Duke. If it were basketball, it’s a gimme. It’s not, so I’ll go with the Yellow Jackets.
  6. LSU wants to make Syracuse Orange blue. I think the Tigers will be surprised.
  7. Kansas Jayhawks take a trip to Rutgers and come home winners.
  8. Delaware fields a team against UNC; UNC sends the Blue Hens packing and pinning their plucked feathers.
  9. UMASS is in South Bend to face domination and destruction from the Fighting Irish. Oops! Irish win. Big.
  10. Rice in Waco to play tackle football against the Baylor Bears? This is an unfair fight and will be ugly.
  11. The Texas Longhorns really want to shut down the Oklahoma State offense today. They just might.
  12. Western Michigan is wasting its time playing Ohio State University.
  13. TCU puts down the Texas Tech Red Raiders.
  14. Ohio Bobcats have hopes against the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Ski-u-mah! Gophers win.
  15. Tennessee decides to visit the Swamp hoping for some fried gator snacks. Nope.
  16.  Like any good Aggie, I have a great craving for pulled pork. Texas A&M beats Arkansas.

Professional Picks

  1. Redskins vs. Giants    Giants took care of business on Thursday night and anxiously await the Salsa King’s return in week four.
  2. The Falcons come to see the Cowboys who have no Tony, no Dez, and no chance this week.
  3. Indy wants to be 1-2 and not 0-3. Luck gets back on track. Sorry Marcus!
  4. The Raiders bring their 1-1 record to Cleveland; Oakland wins and shocks them.
  5. Cincinnati will pay the price for the Ravens’ bruised egos.
  6. Jacksonville is improving; however, they are playing the Patriots this week. Nope.
  7. The Aints are coming! The Aints are coming. Panthers shut down the Saints.
  8. The reeling Eagles try to get some footing against the Jets. Jets stun Eagles.
  9. Houston earns its first home win this season by beating the Buccaneers.
  10. Minnesota Vikings edge the Chargers.
  11. Pittsburgh puts down St. Louis.
  12. Arizona annihilates the Niners.
  13. Buffalo soothes itself with a win in Miami.
  14. Seattle and Chicago are both 0-2. Someone has to win this one. Push.
  15. Detroit cannot go 0-3. It’s just not good for the Lions Nation. They defeat my General Peyton tonight.
Lady Grid out.

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