Saturday, September 12, 2015

The National Pastime and Collegiate Gridiron

Congratulations to Roberta Vinci in her unexpected win over Grand Slam champ Serena Williams. Itwas not meant to be for the younger Williams sister. Now we'll see who will win the Open.

MLB edges closer to the end of the season for quite a few teams. From the postponed games from Thursday, I picked the Blue Jays and Cubs and was right about both results. Woo-hoo! Here are my results from Friday’s outings. With two games either suspended or postponed, I’ll have to recap when they’re played.
1.     Athletics at Rangers                            Rangers
2.     Cubs at Phillies                                   Cubs
3.     Blue Jays at Yankees                          Blue Jays
4.     Royals at Orioles                                 Royals were stunned by the Orioles.
5.     Brewers at Pirates                               Pirates
6.     Tigers at Indians                                 Indians - postponed
7.     Cardinals at Reds                                Cardinals - suspended
8.     Nationals at Marlins                            Marlins
9.     Red Sox at Rays                                  Red Sox
10. Mets at Braves                                    Mets
11. Twins at White Sox                            White Sox
12. Cubs and Phillies (double-header)      Phillies
13. Dodgers at Diamondbacks                  Dodgers
14. Astros at Angels                                  Astros
15. Rockies at Mariners                            Rockies
16. Padres at Giants                                  Giants

Saturday, September 12, 2015
  1. Royals at Orioles                                 Royals
  2. Cardinals at Reds                                Reds
  3. Blue Jays at Yankees (game 1)           Blue Jays
  4. Blue Jays at Yankees (game 2)           Yankees
  5. Red Sox at Rays                                  Rays
  6. Cubs at Phillies                                   Cubs
  7. Brewers at Pirates                               Pirates
  8. Twins at White Sox                            Twins
  9. Tigers at Indians                                 Indians                       
  10. Mets at Braves                                     Mets
  11. Nationals at Marlins                            Marlins
  12. Athletics at Rangers                            Rangers
  13. Dodgers at Diamondbacks                  Dodgers
  14. Astros at Angels                                  Astros
  15. Padres at Giants                                  Giants
  16. Rockies at Mariners                            Mariners

College Football

So many matchups are laughable, and I just won’t waste time with annihilation plans. Okay, I’ll mention a couple but abstain from others.

  1. Oregon State visits Michigan. Beavers and wolverines don’t mix it up usually. Michigan notches their first win of the season.
  2. USF heads over to Florida State to be obliterated. Tsk. I want to be wrong. Please make me wrong.
  3. Hawaii at Ohio State means an ugly one-sided game in favor of the Buckeyes.
  4. Oklahoma heads over to Tennessee for some “Rocky Top” fun. Tennessee upsets OU.
  5. Texas A&M hosts Ball State in College Station and ends with a win.
  6. The Green Battle commences when Oregon plays Michigan State. Sparty has duck soup for dinner.
  7. LSU takes on conference rival Mississippi State and makes the Bulldogs pay.
  8. Boise State Broncos tame the BYU Cougars.

High School Gridiron

My alma mater Plano East beat Flower Mound 36-24, and Mama’s Lincoln High Tigers defeated the Samuell Spartans 38-22.

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