Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mid-Early Morning Madness


I stay close to the fifty percent mark on predictions these days, and yesterday was no different.

  1. ChiCubs at Pittsburgh                      Oops!
  2. Boston at Baltimore                          Oops!
  3. Washington at Philadelphia              Spot on!
  4. Kansas City at Cleveland                  Oops!
  5. Toronto at Atlanta                             Spot on!
  6. Miami at NY Mets                             Oops!
  7. NY Yankees at Tampa Bay               Spot on!
  8. Houston at Texas                               Spot on! (What a thrashing of Dallas Keuchel)
  9. Oakland at ChiSox                             Spot on!
  10. St. Louis at Milwaukee                      Spot on!
  11. Detroit at Minnesota                          Oops!
  12. San Diego at Arizona                         Spot on!
  13. LA Angels at Seattle                          Oops!
  14. Colorado at LA Dodgers                   Oops!
  15. Cincinnati at San Francisco              Spot on!
Thursday, September 17, 2015
  1. Cubs at Pirates
  2. Athletics at White Sox
  3. Marlins at Nationals
  4. Royals at Indians
  5. Blue Jays at Braves
  6. Orioles at Rays
  7. Astros at Rangers
  8. Cardinals at Brewers
  9. Angels at Twins


We have the second Thursday night game of the season with Denver visiting Kansas City. The General needs to score touchdowns early and often. I know the oddsmakers favor the Chiefs, but I’m going with the Broncos tonight before they take a nice time to rest until their next game. They need it.

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