Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Night Sports Mania

NFL Recap - Week One

  1. Packers embarrass the Bears.                Yes.
  2. Texans beat the Chiefs.                          Texans just couldn't get it together.
  3. Browns surprise the Jets.                        I was surprised. No more Yets!
  4. Colts thump the Bills.                             I was in reverse again. Whoops!
  5. Panthers thrash the Jags.                         Yes.
  6. Dolphins thwart the Redskins.                Yes.
  7. Seahawks fleece the Rams.                     No, and I was happy to be wrong.
  8. Cardinals torch the Saints.                      Yes.
  9. Lions snuff the Chargers.                         Lions still haven't beaten the Bolts out west.
  10. Titans or Bucs - push.                              Titans, I wish I'd picked this one. Yergh.
  11. Bengals raid the Raiders.                                   Yes
  12. Broncos tell the Ravens never more.                 Yes
  13. Cowboys reduce the Giants and their hopes.    Yes.
Monday, September 14, 2015 Predictions

  1. Philadelphia demolishes Atlanta.               
  2. Minnesota narrowly escapes San Francisco.

MLB Action on Monday, September 14, 2015

  1. Boston at Baltimore                            Baltimore
  2. Washington at Philadelphia                Washington
  3. Kansas City at Cleveland                   Kansas City
  4. Miami at NY Mets                              NY Mets
  5. NY Yankees at Tampa Bay                NY Yankees
  6. Houston at Texas                                Texas
  7. Oakland at ChiSox                             Chicago
  8. Detroit at Minnesota                           Minnesota
  9. San Diego at Arizona                          San Diego
  10. LA Angels at Seattle                          LA Angels
  11. Colorado at LA Dodgers                    LA Dodgers
  12. Cincinnati at San Francisco                San Francisco
Lady Grid out.

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