Wednesday, September 30, 2015

See You Next Month!

MLB – I won't try to go back and check on my predictions for Monday. I've slept since then, and sports life moves on. Here's hoping the Rangers hit their magic number to once and for all clinch the AL West. Enough already.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
  1. St. Louis at Pittsburgh (game 1)         Pittsburgh
  2. Toronto at Baltimore (game 1)           Toronto
  3. Minnesota at Cleveland (game 1)       Cleveland
  4. St. Louis at Pittsburgh (game 2)         St. Louis
  5. Oakland at LA Angels                        LA Angels
  6. Boston at NY Yankees                       NY Yankees
  7. NY Mets at Philadelphia                    NY Mets        
  8. Toronto at Baltimore (game 2)           Toronto
  9. Washington at Atlanta                        Atlanta
  10. ChiCubs at Cincinnati                         ChiCubs
  11. Miami at Tampa Bay                          Tampa Bay
  12. Minnesota at Cleveland (game 2)       Minnesota
  13. Detroit at Texas                                  Texas
  14. Kansas City at ChiSox                        Kansas City
  15. Colorado at Arizona                           Colorado
  16. LA Dodgers at San Francisco             San Francisco
  17. Houston at Seattle                               Houston
  18. Milwaukee at San Diego                     San Diego

One or two quick comments about the NBA:
  1. Why did the young man give himself the nickname "Swaggy P" in the first place? Nicholas is a perfectly acceptable name.
  2. Is Derrick Rose a mess or what? He hasn't been to play a full season without some type of injury in the past few years. This orbital bone fracture comes as basketball faithful are ready to see some preseason action. Hmm.

Lady Grid out.

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