Saturday, September 19, 2015



 Friday Wrap Up
  1. St. Louis at ChiCubs                           St. Louis
  2. Miami at Washington                         Miami
  3. Boston at Toronto                               Toronto
  4. Kansas City at Detroit                        Kansas City
  5. NY Yankees at NY Mets                   NY Mets
  6. ChiSox at Cleveland                          Cleveland
  7. Baltimore at Tampa Bay                     Baltimore
  8. Philadelphia at Atlanta                       Atlanta
  9. Seattle at Texas                                  Texas
  10. Cincinnati at Milwaukee                    Milwaukee
  11. LA Angels at Minnesota                    LA Angels (postponed)
  12. Oakland at Houston                            Houston
  13. San Diego at Colorado                       San Diego
  14. Pittsburgh at LA Dodgers                  Pittsburgh
  15. Arizona at San Francisco                   San Francisco

Saturday Games – September 19, 2015
  1. Yankees at Mets                     Mets
  2. Cardinals at Cubs                    Cubs
  3. Angels at Twins – game 1       Angels (My pick from Friday still stands)
  4. Diamondbacks at Giants         Giants
  5. Marlins at Nationals                Marlins
  6. Red Sox at Blue Jays              Blue Jays
  7. Orioles at Rays                        Rays (I don’t like picking against the Os right now)
  8. Royals at Tigers                      Royals
  9. Angels at Twins – game 2       Twins
  10. White Sox at Indians              White Sox
  11. Reds at Brewers                      Reds
  12. Athletics at Astros                  Oakland helps Texas again.
  13. Phillies at Braves                     Atlanta
  14. Mariners at Rangers                Rangers will snap out of it.
  15. Padres at Rockies                    San Diego
  16. Pirates at Dodgers                   Pittsburgh gets one win out west in LA. Dance, Andrew!

Football Time!

High School Football Notes

Plano East 36, Plano West 8
Lincoln High School 6, Dallas Carter 20
Manual Arts 27, Dymally 19
Frisco Centennial 54, Frisco Heritage 33
McAllen Memorial 55, Edinburgh North 20

Collegiate Craziness?

  1. UNC hosts the Fighting Illini and wins.
  2. Northwestern Wildcats whip the Duke Blue Devils.
  3. Notre Dame escapes an upset from Georgia Tech.
  4. Tiger fight! Mike smacks Aubie around again. (LSU wins for the uninitiated)
  5. Miami husks the Cornhuskers. Warm weather does that to you.
  6. California Golden Bears dine on Texas Longhorns.
  7. Iowa Hawkeyes surprise the Pitt Panthers.
  8. UCLA annihilates BYU.
  9. USC nearly loses to the Stanford Cardinal.
  10. Alabama Crimson Tide obliterates Ole Miss. This is not even a fair fight.
  11. Buffalo at Florida Atlantic makes me scratch my head.
  12. Georgia State helps Oregon complete the tune up process.
  13. Army takes down Wake Forest.
  14. Central Michigan causes nervous tension for Syracuse in the second half, but the Orange wins.
  15. UNLV learns firsthand about the Texas A&M Aggies’ Twelfth Man. Whoop!

Lady Grid out.

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