Friday, October 4, 2013

A New Month Beckons

I took notes on my phone last week while enjoying a gridiron-infested NFL Red Zone fix.  The next day found me shaking my head because somehow I managed to delete my notes.  Oh well.  One key highlight of delight was seeing Peck's Bad Boy Ndamukong Suh causing a fumble that resulted in a defensive touchdown by teammate Nick Fairley who rumbled into the end zone.  Seeing a defensive tackle take it to the house delights the soul.

The Pirates have managed to tie up their series.  For some reason, my fave Pirate player is Andrew McCutchen.  He has a .317 batting average and just makes the game exciting to watch. It's nice to have baseball in October. My Texas Rangers are resting up for the March 31 start date next season.  I'm not a Red Sox fan, but it's a scream when Big Papi mixes things up.  Perhaps he'll homer a time or two in the post season.  It remains to be seen.

My picks have been made on ESPN's College Pick 'Em game.  Last week found me trailing the guys in my life.  This week, they're going down swinging.  It will be LSU trouncing Miss. State, Stanford beating the Washington Huskies, Midshipmen grounding the Falcons, Missouri conquering the Commodores, Notre Dame making a home stand against the visiting Sun Devils, Buckeyes trampling Northwestern, Ole Miss sporting Auburn tiger stripes, Sparty plucking Iowa bald, and Oklahoma dining on Horned Frogs' legs for supper a la Duck Dynasty.  Don't tell them how I picked.  Let them "read 'em and weep."  Lady G. out.

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