Saturday, October 12, 2013

College Ball Picks - October 12, 2013

There is no need to discuss Plano East's game against Allen last night.  Forget I said anything.  The Lions' Suh is going to have to pay $100,000 as a fine.  I'll send him my bank account number today.  The Dodgers need to figure things out before facing the Cardinals in game two.  Big Papi and the Red Sox versus Prince Fielder and the Tigers? I've never been a Red Sox fan, so I'll say, "Go, Motor City Kitties!"

College football season brings highs and lows and makes one scratch the head in surprise with the way games end wildly.  This week's predictions for colleges should be spot on. They are in no particular order, rhyme, or reason.

1. Northwestern will beat Wisconsin.  Sorry, badgers.
2. South Carolina will triumph over Arkansas with or without Jadeveon Clowney (if he decides to play).
3. The Dawgs will thrash Missouri. Soundly. And often.
4. LSU will show us their new alligator shoes after hosting Florida.  Gator bites anyone?
5. Those pesky Oregon State Beavers thump the Washington State Cougars. If not, then check the alignment of the poles on this globe.  We aren't headed the right direction.
6.  Oregon Ducks make the Washington Huskies mush all the way to Victory Lane. Mush, doggies!
7.  Michigan just barely over Penn State to make it interesting.
8.  Texas vs. Oklahoma - can they both lose? I'd actually prefer the cows to beat the wagon riders this year.  If you quote me, I'll deny it.
9. BYU vs. Georgia Tech - flip a coin. Push.
10. Texas A&M vs. Ole Miss: you know the Aggies will leave Oxford with the W.  Sorry, Eli.
11. Pitt's woes continue against the VT Hokies.
12. Alabama versus Kentucky. Is this legal?
13. UCLA taking on the hapless Golden Bears of Cal. And I care because? Go, Cal.  I have never been a Bruin fan, ever.
14. Clemson hosting BC Eagles will be a scream.  The cat gets the canary.
15. The Utah Utes will rise to the challenge of visiting Stanford; sadly they will fail, but it will be a "good ole college try."
16. Baylor will sic KSU's defense like nobody's business.

Pro picks tomorrow, folks.  Lady Grid out.

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