Saturday, October 26, 2013

Professional Football Primer - October 27, 2013

You want the pros? You've got 'em.
  1. I did pick Carolina to win on Thursday night.  Maybe the Bucs should play the Jags next?
  2. New Orleans makes jerky out of Buffalo.
  3. The Kansas City Chiefs pummel the Browns and remain unbeaten.
  4. The Detroit Lions' Megatron will have an epic showing against the Dallas Cowboys' defense despite Tony Romo's efforts on the offensive side of the pigskin.
  5. The Brady Bunch won't lose a second week in a row and especially not in Miami.
  6. The Philadelphia Eagles will start Michael Vick as QB due to Foles' concussion.  The Giants are doing a happy dance after their first win. These teams are my Cowboys' division rivals. Nah, push!
  7. Joke Reel Highlight: Will the Jaguars' mascot Jaxson DeVille take on a challenge from the Forty-Niners mascot? Not a good move on most days.  I know there are some good players on the Jags team, but I don't know why they cannot seem to make the plays at the right time and ratchet up a win for themselves.  Colin Kaepernick has a banner day; twin terrors NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis harass Chad Henne or whoever else is unlucky enough to be the Jags QB. The Jags get to rest a week before facing the Titans in November. Do I have to spell it out for you? Niners reign supreme.
  8. The Jets fly to play tag with the Cincy Bengals.  Bengals win.
  9. The Steelers facing a Raiders team with the same record out west? You're kidding me, right? Steelers smash the Raiders in front of the Oakland faithful.
  10. Aerial Dog Fight: the Falcons travel to the desert to fight the Cardinals.  I want Larry Fitzgerald to catch over 100 yards, but Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez will fly home wreathed in smiles.
  11. The Broncos host the Redskins after their recent loss in Indy? Tell the 'Skins to pack bandages, ointment, and pain meds.  This one will be brutal as General Peyton dismantles their defense.
  12. The Packers travel west to face the Vikings who might have been desperate enough to ask Brett Favre to come out of retirement? Analyst Rodney Harrison was calling out Josh Freeman? Look for Aaron Rodgers to do his touchdown dance at least once or twice, or who knows how many times?  Pack wins.
  13. The Seattle Seahawks come east to St. Louis to face the Rams who are now without Sam Bradford at the helm? Russell Wilson and company run with a win on Monday night.
Tune in next time, folks.  Lady Grid out.

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