Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tempest in a Teacup

I am in desperate need of a hot cup of tea; however, I will continue writing as the water in the kettle gets roiling along.  Let's get the pros done.
  1. Seattle Seahawks pick the Arizona Cardinals apart on Thursday night.
  2. Tampa Bay will remain winless after their trip to the Atlanta Falcons who've been nursing a bruised ego.
  3. Buffalo Bills without E.J? Sad and drowning in the Miami Dolphins' pool.
  4. The Chicago Bears have no plans to be robes for the Redskins.  Bears will leave happy.
  5. Cat fight! Bengals come to Detroit. I hope Megatron feels better soon; he is always needed.  Lions tend to be larger than tigers.  Lions, tigers, and bears. Oh, my. Home field advantage to Detroit.
  6. Cowboys travel to Philadelphia to face Chip Kelly's Offense Foles 1.0. First place in the NFC East is  up for grabs, right? Boys win.
  7. Panthers host the St. Louis Rams in Carolina. The Rams will leave fleeced and defeated.
  8. The New England Patriots travel to take on the New York Jets.  This just isn't a fair fight. Pats win.
  9. The San Diego Chargers head east to face off against poor, hapless Jacksonville.  Jags hope to score in the double digits while facing Philip Rivers and the gang.  Bolts shock the Jags.
  10. The 49ers travel east to Tennessee for a little interleague play.  Titans will try, but they will lose.
  11. The Green Bay Packers invited the Cleveland Browns to play.  Get ready to hear "I don't wanna work/I just want to bang on the drum all day" repeatedly.  Four different receivers will leap at Lambeau.
  12. The Houston Texans venture north to play the Kansas City Chiefs.  After that nasty reception at home by the classless ones who booed Schaub, get ready for some eardrum-splitting decibels in Chiefs' territory.
  13. The Ravens play the Steelers in Pittsburg.  Troy and the boys are feeling feisty.  They might even have enough moxie to take down the reigning World Champs.  We'll see.
  14. The Colts host the Broncos.  The big boys of the stable win in a triumphant return of sorts for the unflappable Peyton Manning.
  15. The Monday Night Football game featuring the New York Giants at home against the Minnesota Vikings and their newly-minted quarterback Josh Freeman: Giants will win.  Coughlin will smile as he drips dry from a Gatorade shower.
Remember, I don't bet on the games, so my advice is worthless in Vegas.  I'll talk about the college boys later. Lady G. out.

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