Thursday, October 10, 2013

Baseball, Football, and Basketball. . . Oh My.

It's been exciting to see the Pirates-Cardinals series. I had hoped the PTI commentator Michael Wilbon wasn't right and that the Cardinals are the NL version of the Yankees.  Oh, well, next year, mateys.  Arrr! The Dodgers versus the Cardinals.  Vin Scully lives! Detroit and Oakland face off out west tonight.  Boston Red Sox are cooling their heels waiting to see who they play.  The Dodgers versus the Cardinals. 

Thursday night means football on the NFL Network for football junkies like me.  The Giants travel to the Windy City to try and get their first win.  It's more interesting to decide if you like New York or Chicago-style pizza.  Both pizza types have merit and a loyal fan base.  It's been a while since I've had a deep-dish pizza from Chicago St. Pizza.  It's time to make a call and wait the requisite forty or so minutes to get my fork into some good grub.

Friday night in Texas means football.  It's homecoming week somewhere around the Lone Star State; girls are sporting enormous mums* given by their beaux.  School colored ribbons encircle the local trees near the high schools.  Plano East travels to Allen; let's hope the Panthers make a good showing against the Eagles following East's recent loss in a non-district game to a team out of Florida.  Importing teams to play ball? Who would have thought it possible?

Saturday will find me revealing my picks for the college games.  The annual game at the Fair Park doesn't hold much excitement for this gridiron girl.  If it were possible for Stoops to be silenced after his bonehead comments about SEC defenses, I would be surprised.  When does OU play Baylor, I wonder?  I may have to wear something green that day just because. Sunday will find the professionals on tap. 

Preseason basketball just doesn't fire the engines for me, but here's hoping D. Rose has healed and will be at full-strength when the season starts.  Superman has landed in Houston; the jury is out on whether he will have an impact or not.  Remember that E said, "No capes!" in the movie The Incredibles.  She meant business, so I'm sticking with her. Lady G out.

*See picture below for an example of a HOCO (Homecoming) mum.  Sometimes they cause neck pain because they're so heavy with ribbon, bling, etc. 

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