Thursday, October 17, 2013

College Round-Up - October 17, 2013

Vin Scully lives! The Dodgers are trailing the Cardinals in the NLCS; however, we’ll see what happens in the next go-round.  The Red Sox were trounced soundly by the Tigers in their little game yesterday.  I am still waiting for Mr. Suh to pay me his fine of $31,500.  It would work wonders for my little bank account.  Forgive the slight digression.

Let’s take a look at the college gridiron action coming up this weekend. There is no real rhyme or reason to the selections.  Some are ranked teams facing off against unranked teams.  The SEC has an unprecedented eight teams in the AP top 25.  That says something no matter what Coach Stoops thinks.  I think that’s why I saved his game for last this week.  
  1. Oregon State Beavers vs. Cal Golden Bears – flat tailed rats visiting the bears down the Pacific Coast.  The beavers will win, but never trust a rat! 
  2. Georgia at Vandy – the poor Commodore will be walked by the Dawgs this weekend.
  3. FSU vs. Clemson – that infamous Seminole chop will wreck the Clemson Tigers’ action on Saturday.
  4. USC Trojans at Notre Dame – new coaching ideas traveling to an old foe I have despised since I was a little girl.  If wishes were horses, then Tommy Trojan would ride into the win column.  It won’t happen.
  5. LSU at Ole Miss – And the point of this game is to show how Mike the Tiger loves to hunt prey.  Tigers trounce the Rebs for their second week in a row of home losses.  Miracles do happen but not this time.  Keep dreaming.
  6. Washington at Arizona State – The Huskies had to deal with those nasty Ducks last week and now they go southeast to get fried in the sun by the ASU crew?  Too bad.
  7. Auburn at Texas A&M – There is something to be said for home field advantage.  I am counting on my Aggies to be Antaeus this weekend to the visiting Tigers or War Eagle or whatever they yell.
  8. UCLA at Stanford – this is a fair fight? Ha! Stanford skins the Bruins.  Good riddance.
  9. Texas Tech at West Virginia – the perennially high-powered Tech offense takes its show on the road to WVU.  We’ll see what the Mountaineers have in store for them after that thumping from Baylor last week.  I am still wincing in pain.
  10. Florida at Missouri – the Swamp comes to Mizzou and has a feast.  Sorry, Tigers. 
  11. South Carolina at Tennessee – did Clowney play last week?  Did it matter?  Don’t count on hearing too many refrains of “Rocky Top” this weekend. 
  12. TCU at Oklahoma State – my best friend won’t like it, but I’m rooting for the Frogs to beat the Cowboys.  Sorry, Pistol Pete. Ole Pistol Pete won’t have a solution for the TCU offense this week.  I could be wrong, you know. 
  13. Northern Illinois at Central Michigan – random game selection. Northern Illinois over directional Michigan. 
  14. Iowa at Ohio State University- The poor Hawks will get plucked and thrashed by the Buckeyes. 
  15. Syracuse at Georgia Tech – The Orange will be squeezed by GT. 
  16. Washington State at Oregon – you never send an unarmed man into a fight.  This game is on that same caliber. Poor Cougars, beaten by waterfowl. 
  17. Wisconsin at Illinois – Badgers head out to destroy the Fighting Illini.
  18. Oklahoma at Kansas – Kansas wants to win after their loss to the Horned Frogs; but Loudmouth Schnook and his wagon riders will avenge their thirst for victory after a quick trip north on I-35.

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