Monday, October 14, 2013

Pro Picks from October 13, 2013

I won't change any of my picks to the accurate game-time results.  My son can verify that I made my picks before game time.  Yesterday found me taking Mama to the State Fair of Texas.  We normally go together, and last year we missed it.  I made sure to have that date cemented into my calendar this go 'round.  Here is what's up from Sunday.

1.  Broncos fleece the hapless Jags at Mile High.  Clutch!
2.  Bengals dine on Buffalo. Clutch!
3.  Lions over the Browns. Clutch!
4.  Packers pluck the Ravens. Clutch!
5.  Chiefs raid the Raiders. Clutch!
6.  Texans dominate the Rams.  Nope, and the Texans fans who booed Matt Schaub as he left the field injured deserve multiple yellow flags of shame.
7.  Vikings beat the Panthers.  Nope. My son was THRILLED about that one.
8.  Jets fly over the Seahawks.  Nope, rookie Geno Smith was schooled by the sophomore phenom Russell Wilson.
9.  Eagles beat the Bucs. Clutch!
10.  Cards at 49ers. Push.
11.  Saints and Pats - Pats win. That blasted last-minute TD catch.  Yergh!
12.  Redskins at Cowboys - Boys win. Clutch!
13.  Seattle out in Tennessee - Seahawks win. Clutch!
14.  Indy at San Diego. Colts beat Bolts. Pending results tonight. To Be Determined. . . 

Oh, and Big Papi showed the Tigers a thing or two in the game last night.  What happens when they move out west to the Motor City? Tune in tomorrow night to find out.

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  1. Great job Bren! I so love your new blog! You could have a new career!