Sunday, September 29, 2013

College Games Wrap-Up - September 28, 2013

Now that I have had my morning walk, I am able to think about what happened in college ball yesterday.  The University of Southern California fired its coach Lane Kiffin after going 3-2 this season following a NASTY blowout in the desert last night.  Ugh.  I grew up watching them as a little girl because Daddy was doing his graduate studies there.  I rejoice when they do well, and I am sad when they don't.  They were ranked in the polls at the start of the season, but something is amiss.  I read that turmoil seems to follow Mr. Kiffin.  He had problems at the NFL level out in Oakland.  The Tennessee loyals weren't too pleased to see a new pony in the barn, and now this.  Ugh.

On the bright side, Texas A&M Aggies won against the Arkansas Razorbacks.  This renewed rivalry is always interesting.  I remember the days of the old SWC (South West Conference) when we'd have to hear them yelling their hog calls.  My parents' neighbor is a big fan who loves to give us a hard time.  After the crazy defeats at what was formerly Cowboy Stadium, I am glad to enjoy a second year of success against them. It's time for a pig-pulling!

On the planning front, we need to study tape of Ole Miss' defense before we play them on October 12.  They were able to hold Alabama to 25 points in their game yesterday.  The Aggies allowed the Crimson Tide the opportunity to score 49 points when we played them eight days ago. The Rebels play Auburn at Auburn next week; we'll see how they show up and play ball after being shut out.  

It surprised everyone that LSU wasn't able to defeat the Dawgs yesterday in their seesaw battle on the field.  My family and I play College Pick'Em on ESPN, and we all lost points on that game.  Right now they're ahead, but I am closing the distance. Oklahoma State was beaten by West Virginia.  How far will they fall in the AP rankings? How far will LSU fall? Maybe to twelve or so since it was a close game. Most likely, they will flip flop with Georgia and not lose their top ten status.  Stay tuned to find out what happens next. NFL Red Zone cannot start soon enough for me.  More anon.

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