Monday, October 5, 2015

Rangers Win! (Yay) Cowboys Lose! (Boo)

MLB - Last Day of the Regular Season
To correctly predict ten out of sixteen games on the last day is not too shabby. Wild card play begins on Tuesday, and it will be fun to watch!
  1. Cardinals at Braves   (Game one of doubleheader)
  2. Angels at Rangers     They'll figure out their mistakes and clinch the AL West outright.
  3. Yankees at Orioles
  4. Cardinals at Braves    (Game two of doubleheader)
  5. Marlins at Phillies
  6. Reds at Pirates
  7. Rockies at Giants
  8. Tigers at White Sox
  9. Red Sox at Indians
  10. Cubs at Brewers
  11. Royals at Twins
  12. Athletics at Mariners
  13. Padres at Dodgers
  14. Nationals at Mets (I can't believe I got it right on the last game of the season.)
  15. Astros at Diamondbacks 
  16. Blue Jays at Rays
NFL Wrap-Up
  1. Ravens edged the Steelers on Thursday evening in OT.
  2. Jets will beat the Dolphins in London.
  3. Jaguars and Colts won't have the expected result. Big cats usually win but not this time.
  4. Giants will try to knock off the Bills. The Bills will be ready for them.
  5. Panthers and Buccaneers square off in an NFC South divisional meeting. Cam and the boys go 4-0.
  6. The Eagles and Redskins have matching records as kickoff begins. The Eagles win and reach .500.
  7. Raiders won't let the Bears win. Even with Cutler, the Bears will still be winless.
  8. The Texans' win last week will help them harass the Falcons. JJ Watt has a banner day. Texans win.
  9. The surprisingly 1-2 record Chiefs and Bengals meet up in Cincy. Dalton and the gang make it to 4-0.
  10. The Cleveland Browns head west to face a wrathful Chargers team. Bolts beat Browns badly.
  11. The Green Bay Packers visit the San Francisco 49ers and add to their woes. 
  12. Rams and Cardinals meet in an NFC West matchup. The Cardinals aren't interested in helping the Rams' record. I've got my eye on Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald, and Patrick Peterson.
  13. Vikings and Broncos will be an interesting game as General Peyton continues to maneuver with Kubiak's new plan. Broncos edge the Vikes.
  14. Cowboys and Saints should be a win for the 'Boys, but the Saints are playing for pride in New Orleans in front of their fans. Saints prevail.
  15. Monday Night Football features Detroit in Seattle with all of that wretched noise as the Seahawks' faithful seek atonement for their team's 1-2 record. I see Megatron having some wonderful receptions, but I don't see the Lions prevailing. I hope I'm wrong.
Lady Grid out.

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