Saturday, October 31, 2015

No Scares Today

Thursday Night Lights aka High School Wrap-Up
  1. Plano East defeated Hebron 21-14. Woo-hoo, Panthers! Keep on rolling through the playoffs!
  2. Frisco Centennial demolished Little Elm, 42-10. Way to go, Titans.
  3. McAllen Memorial annihilated La Joya Palmview, 69-21.
  4. Manual Arts Toilers were defeated by Los Angeles on Friday evening.
  5. The Lincoln High Tigers suffered a loss to Venus on Friday evening.

College Picks – October 31, 2015 - I've bolded my choices to make them easier to identify.
  1. Illinois vs. Penn State
  2. Ole Miss vs. Auburn
  3. Syracuse vs. Florida State
  4. South Carolina vs. Texas A&M University
  5. Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech
  6. University of Southern California vs. California
  7. Georgia vs. Florida
  8. Maryland vs. Iowa
  9. Louisiana Monroe vs. Louisiana Lafayette
  10. Tulsa vs. SMU
  11. San Diego State vs. Colorado State
  12. Tennessee vs. Kentucky
  13. Texas at Iowa State
  14. Notre Dame vs. Temple
  15. Stanford vs. Washington State

Congratulations to the Mets on their win over the Royals last night. That first inning two-run homer by Captain David Wright set the tone for the evening. Let’s get game two under our belts tonight, boys!  Play ball!

I think the Around the Horn win was rigged since Izzy dressed up like Tony Reali on yesterday's broadcast. Just saying. (wink, wink)

Lady Grid out.

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