Friday, October 2, 2015

First Weekend of October 2015


Thursday, October 1, 2015

  1. Blue Jays at Orioles                         Yes!
  2. Mets at Phillies                                 No!
  3. Cubs at Reds                                      Yes!
  4. Dodgers at Giants                            No!
  5. Brewers at Padres                           No!
  6. Red Sox at Yankees                         No!                       
  7. Twins at Indians                               Yes!
  8. Nationals at Braves                         No!
  9. Marlins at Rays                                  Yes!
  10. Angels at Rangers                            Yes!
  11. Royals at White Sox                        Yes!
  12. Rockies at Diamondbacks             Yes!

Friday, October 2, 2015
  1. Yankees at Orioles
  2. Marlins at Phillies
  3. Reds at Pirates
  4. Red Sox at Indians
  5. Nationals at Mets
  6. Blue Jays at Rays
  7. Cardinals at Braves
  8. Angels at Rangers        (They need to win this to clinch the AL West!)
  9. Tigers at White Sox
  10. Cubs at Brewers
  11. Royals at Twins
  12. Astros at Diamondbacks
  13. Athletics at Mariners
  14. Padres at Dodgers
  15. Rockies at Giants
I was right about the Ravens winning, but an overtime victory was a surprise to me. Hmm.

High School Gridiron Action
  1. The Centennial Titans defeated the Independence Knights 48-41 on Thursday evening.
  2. Plano East Panthers travel north to do battle with McKinney Boyd Broncos. Bust the Broncos!
  3. Lincoln High School is idle this weekend.
  4. Manual Arts (California) has their homecoming game against Firebaugh. Go, Toilers!
  5. McAllen Memorial High Mustangs take on the Rowe Warriors. Go Mustangs!
Lady Grid out.

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