Saturday, December 7, 2013

Icy Saturday - December 7, 2013

I appreciate the significance of the day and any of our World War II veterans who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.  Thank you.  It's icy in Texas, and we're thankful for heat, blankets, and warm food.  It's also great weather for watching some college football this weekend.  Shall we take a turn around the rink that is my front yard?
  1. I still think where there's smoke there's fire, despite the lack of charges against Winston of the FSU Seminoles.  I also didn't think the jocular atmosphere was appropriate.  Yellow Flag of Shame to the way that press conference was handled.  I predict FSU will handle the Blue Devils from Duke; I want to be wrong about my pick, though.
  2. Ohio State squares off against Sparty and the gang who really want to spoil the Buckeyes' plans for an undefeated season.  Ohio State triumphs in the end.
  3. The Texas Longhorns are in Waco to play the Baylor Bears.  Bears love beef!  Baylor wins.
  4. UCF visits Big D to play SMU? They'd better be playing inside today.  UCF wins.
  5. Stanford flew east to play Arizona State, and they'll show those Sun Devils a thing or two.  Stanford wins.
  6. Tiger Fest: Mizzou against Auburn.  Auburn is still too giddy after beating Bama and comes up short against a surging Mizzou team with something to prove and some respect to earn.  They'll get it today.
  7. Fresno State hosts Utah State and serves them with a pasting.  Sorry, Aggies.
  8. Rutgers Scarlet Knights beat the visiting South Florida Bulls who've been terrible all year long.  Why should the bleeding stop now?
  9. Rice Owls should make short work of the Thundering Herd today.  Marching Owl Band rocks!
  10. Oklahoma plays Oklahoma State in Stillwater.  Here's hoping Pistol Pete trounces the wagon riders but good!

Lady Grid out.

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