Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday 2013

NFL Look:

The Broncos looked pretty good yesterday after making the Chiefs notch up a third loss in a row.  Jack Del Rio has a 3-1 record as interim coach.  He's been a head coach before, and I wonder if someone will snag him after the end of the season. The woes of the Redskins continue; even the officiating crew is in on the joke. How is a first down not a first down?  The Jaguars win caught me off guard, but it's good for the team to punch the ticket for a win.  I also didn't expect the Chargers to lose to the visiting Bengals.  I just knew they'd find a way to win although I actually wanted Cincy to win.  Tonight's game with the Saints and Seahawks will be exciting, to say the least.  Perhaps Brees and crew will teach the Seahawks how to lose at home for the first time this season.

NBA Time:

Pacers beat the Clippers and improve to 16-1.  These guys are phenomenal right now.  Miami barely edged Charlotte? Has the world stopped spinning on its axis? They had to rally to beat the Bobcats.  The Knicks lose another one at home.  What else is new with them? Portland beat the Lakers who tried to rally and actually outscored the Trail Blazers in the fourth quarter.  The Detroit Pistons taught their guests the 76ers a nice lesson in the form of Andre Drummond.  That last-second block by Andrew Bogut was just what the Golden State Warriors needed in the clutch.  Kevin Durant was a beast with a triple-double in the Thunder's win over the Timberwolves.

Lady Grid out.

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