Sunday, December 22, 2013

Better Late Than Never - December 22, 2013

Since I was tardy in making my predictions for the pro football games today, I'll tell you who I picked for each game and call it even.  I don't want my sweet potato casserole to burn; it's part of the Sunday dinner menu, ladies and gentlemen.  Here we go.

  1. Carolina Panthers even the division race with New Orleans as they fight a hard battle at home.
  2. Cincinnati destroys Minnesota. 
  3. Dallas makes its fans really nervous but manages to beat and sweep Washington.
  4. Denver beats Houston.
  5. Detroit puts the NY Giants out of their misery.
  6. Green Bay Packers do their victory dance over the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  7. Kansas City Chiefs throttle the Indianapolis Colts.
  8. Miami over Buffalo.
  9. New England makes Baltimore pay for last week's loss against Miami.
  10. Philadelphia skins the Chicago Bears.
  11. NY Yets outlast the Cleveland Browns.
  12. San Diego eats up Oakland.
  13. Seattle Seahawks pluck the Arizona Cardinals.
  14. St. Louis Rams triumph over Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  15. San Francisco Niners obliterate the Atlanta Falcons in a fond farewell to Candlestick Park.
  16. Tennessee bests the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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