Monday, December 30, 2013

Picks-A-Plenty! - December 30, 2013

Adieu to Coaches Shanahan and Frazier for Washington and Minnesota, respectively.  How is Lovie Smith's resume looking?

Here is the final tally of how I picked on Pigskin Pick 'Em.  I won my family group and relish the opportunity to do another victory cha-cha in the brackets.  Some weeks resemble the Cowboys' record at the end of the past three seasons. Other weeks, I'm an absolute genius! The cities listed are the incorrect picks I made for that particular week.

Week 1: 12-4, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, NY Giants, and Washington - I am a GENIUS!
Week 2: 9-7,  Carolina, Minnesota, Dallas, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Pittsburgh
Week 3: 5-10, Philadelphia, Green Bay, Minnesota, Washington, San Diego, NY Giants, Houston, Atlanta, Buffalo, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh (third time running now)
Week 4: 7-8, Baltimore, Cincinnati, NY Giants (three peat), Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta
Week 5: 7-7, New England(!), Seattle, Jacksonville, Miami, NY Giants, Carolina, and Atlanta
Week 6: 11-4, Houston, Minnesota, NY Yets, Indianapolis - I am a GENIUS!
Week 7: 9-6, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, New England (?), Baltimore, and Denver (!)
Week 8: 10-3, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta (what is happening in Georgia?)
Week 9: 7-6, Cincinnati, New Orleans, San Diego, Oakland, Baltimore, and Green Bay
Week 10: 8-6, Washington, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Tennessee, Indianapolis, and San Francisco
Week 11: 10-5, Atlanta, NY Yets, Detroit, Houston (surprised?), and San Diego.
Week 12: 6-7, Chicago, Detroit (come on, Lions!), Kansas City, Houston (again), Oakland, NY Giants, and Denver (stop the press!). Don't worry; I put myself in a corner.
Week 13: 12-4, Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, and San Diego.  Feeling smarter again.
Week 14: 11-5, Houston lost to Jacksonville, Detroit (I now have the blues), Oakland, Pittsburgh, and Dallas laying an egg in Chi-Town.
Week 15: 10-5, Denver, New England (I was cheering about losing this one), Philadelphia, New Orleans, Cincinnati (sigh), and the Detroit Lions.
Week 16: 11-4, Kansas City (tsk), Detroit, Seattle, and Green Bay.
Week 17: 14-2, Detroit and Miami blew it for me in my Pigskin Pick 'Em entry.  I'm still a GENIUS!

On the collegiate bowl game College Bowl Mania, I am 8-7 right now.  Yergh.

Lady Grid out.

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