Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

MLB - Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Here is what I predict will happen today in the world of baseball, sports fans.
  1. Marlins at Phillies
  2. Twins at Tigers
  3. Red Sox at Royals – game one
  4. Rangers at Athletics
  5. Nationals at Mets
  6. Mariners at Orioles
  7. Braves at Pirates
  8. Rays at Blue Jays
  9. Indians at Reds
  10. Astros at White Sox
  11. Cubs at Brewers
  12. Rockies at Cardinals
  13. Red Sox at Royals – game two
  14. Yankees at Diamondbacks
  15. Dodgers at Angels
  16. Giants at Padres

NBA - Conference Finals

I fully expected the Raptors to get blown out by the Cavs. Tomorrow promises more of the same. They do not have a way to deal effectively with James, Love, and company.

Golden State will prevail tonight after the unexpected dropping of a game on Monday evening. Wow. I was impressed by the Thunder's efforts. Just a guess, though.

Lady Grid out.

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