Friday, May 27, 2016

Final Friday of May!

Friday Forecast

Because I missed the early game, I will only post my prediction for the games that are in progress at press time or will be played in the near future. It keeps everything honest.

  1. Phillies at Cubs - Cubs were leading in the seventh inning when press time hit. Safe or sucker's bet?  No bet. Then the game gets delayed. We will all find out at the same time about who wins this matchup.
  2. Cardinals at Nationals
  3. Red Sox at Blue Jays
  4. Dodgers at Mets
  5. Orioles at Indians
  6. Yankees at Rays
  7. Marlins at Braves - Why pick the Marlins? The last home win was 16 days ago for the Braves.
  8. Pirates at Rangers
  9. Reds at Brewers
  10. White Sox at Royals
  11. Giants at Rockies
  12. Padres at Diamondbacks
  13. Astros at Angels
  14. Tigers at Athletics
  15. Twins at Mariners

Thursday Tidying - Stink City! The average was 0.285. Meet Mayor Skunk!
  1. Arizona at Pittsburgh
  2. Miami at Tampa Bay
  3. Toronto at NY Yankees
  4. St. Louis at Washington
  5. Colorado at Boston
  6. Milwaukee at Atlanta - I heard that Atlanta has won two games at home this year. 
  7. Baltimore at Houston
  8. Chicago (White Sox) at Kansas City - postponed
NBA - Will the Cavs go ahead and take care of business instead of prolonging the Raptors' agony? Cavs win tonight in Canada for the first time this year.

Lady Grid out.

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