Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Terrific Tuesday!!

It is a great day for the Lady. More about that in another post. Let's get down to sports, shall we? I was completely flabbergasted to discover that the Raptors have made it a series after defeating Cleveland 105-99 last night. Who knew they had that much fight in them?

Golden State looks to avenge its embarrassing blowout at the hands of the Thunder tonight. The series gets evened out again.

Now to wrap up my "marvelous Monday" predictions! Not bad with a 0.750 batting average.
  1. Colorado at Pittsburgh (Makeup from Sunday) - Pirates
  2. Cleveland at ChiSox (Game one) - Chicago White Sox
  3. NY Mets at Washington - NY Mets
  4. Philadelphia at Detroit - Detroit 
  5. Tampa Bay at Miami - Miami
  6. LA Angels at Texas - Texas
  7. Kansas City at Minnesota - Kansas City
  8. Cleveland at ChiSox (Game two) - Cleveland
  9. ChiCubs at St. Louis - St. Louis
  10. Oakland at Seattle - Seattle
  11. Cincinnati at LA Dodgers - Cincinnati 
  12. San Diego at San Francisco - San Francisco 
Tuesday, May 24
  1. ChiCubs at St. Louis 
  2. Toronto at NY Yankees
  3. NY Mets at Washington
  4. Arizona at Pittsburgh
  5. Colorado at Boston
  6. Philadelphia at Detroit
  7. Milwaukee at Atlanta
  8. LA Angels at Texas  - You have to beat these guys! They're division rivals.
  9. Cleveland at ChiSox
  10. Kansas City at Minnesota - miracles do not happen for the Twins.
  11. Baltimore at Houston
  12. San Diego at San Francisco
  13. Oakland at Seattle
  14. Cincinnati at LA Dodgers - Even without Kershaw on the bump, the Reds have no chance.
The Tampa Bay-Miami game surprised me with its early time. You know Tampa Bay won 4-3. I hope to see and hear @45PedroMartinez tonight on MLB Tonight. #MLBTonight

Lady Grid out.

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