Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wild, Woolly Wednesday!

Tuesday Tuned Up? Yep, I was tuned up or rather tuned down to a 0.571 batting average. Whoa.
  1. ChiCubs at St. Louis
  2. Toronto at NY Yankees
  3. NY Mets at Washington
  4. Arizona at Pittsburgh
  5. Colorado at Boston
  6. Philadelphia at Detroit
  7. Milwaukee at Atlanta
  8. LA Angels at Texas
  9. Cleveland at ChiSox - push, apparently, I forgot to select a winner. Ugh.
  10. Kansas City at Minnesota
  11. Baltimore at Houston
  12. San Diego at San Francisco
  13. Oakland at Seattle
  14. Cincinnati at LA Dodgers
The Tampa Bay-Miami game surprised me with its early time. You know Tampa Bay won 4-3.

Wednesday, May 25. 2016
  1. NY Mets at Washington
  2. Philadelphia at Detroit
  3. Kansas City at Minnesota
  4. ChiCubs at St. Louis
  5. LA Angels at Texas
  6. Cleveland at ChiSox
  7. San Diego at San Francisco
  8. Toronto at NY Yankees
  9. Arizona at Pittsburgh
  10. Colorado at Boston
  11. Milwaukee at Atlanta
  12. Miami at Tampa Bay
  13. Baltimore at Houston
  14. Oakland at Seattle
  15. Cincinnati at LA Dodgers
There are no words to describe my shock. The Warriors are down 3-1. This bears repeating, but I just don't believe it. Warriors trail the Thunder 3-1 in the Western Conference series. 

Lady Grid out.

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