Saturday, May 7, 2016

First Saturday of May, Sports Fans!

MLB Saturday

  1. Red Sox at Yankees
  2. Athletics at Orioles (game one)
  3. Dodgers at Blue Jays
  4. Rangers at Tigers
  5. Pirates at Cardinals
  6. Nationals at Cubs
  7. Rockies at Giants
  8. Royals at Indians
  9. Athletics at Orioles (game two)
  10. Twins at White Sox
  11. Diamondbacks at Braves
  12. Brewers at Reds
  13. Mariners at Astros
  14. Phillies at Marlins
  15. Mets at Padres
  16. Rays at Angels

NBA - Semifinals

Toronto at Miami - I do not think that the Heat will allow the Raptors to take the series lead.
Golden State at Portland - Poor Portland will know about brooms in their home court quite soon.

Lady Grid out.

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