Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Night Lights - MLB Style, Baby!

Friday Night Baseball Action - May 20, 2016
  1. Atlanta at Philadelphia
  2. Colorado at Pittsburgh
  3. Cleveland at Boston
  4. Tampa Bay at Detroit
  5. Seattle at Cincinnati
  6. Milwaukee at NY Mets
  7. Washington at Miami
  8. Kansas City at ChiSox - I want the White Sox to win, but I am being realistic.
  9. Toronto at Minnesota
  10. Texas at Houston - Sorry José Altuve, one of my favorite hitters ever!
  11. Arizona at St. Louis
  12. NY Yankees at Oakland
  13. Baltimore at LA Angels
  14. ChiCubs at San Francisco
  15. LA Dodgers at San Diego - Go, Yasmani Grandal, Joc Pedersonl, and Yasiel Puig!

Thursday Wrap-Up - Although I published late, I did show what I thought would happen on the previous blog posting. I keep myself accountable, sports fans. Thursday's batting average was 0.636. That is a definite improvement.
  1. Seattle at Baltimore
  2. ChiCubs at Milwaukee
  3. Atlanta at Pittsburgh
  4. Washington at NY Mets
  5. Cleveland at Cincinnati
  6. Colorado at St. Louis
  7. Houston at ChiSox
  8. Toronto at Minnesota
  9. San Francisco at San Diego
  10. LA Dodgers at LA Angels
  11. NY Yankees at Oakland
NBA Sidebar: I do not hold out much hope out for Toronto. Perhaps they will split the games north of the border with Cleveland. I doubt it. Cleveland by at least 20 points.

Lady Grid out.

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