Thursday, May 26, 2016

No Terrible Thursday, Please.

Thursday's Forecast
  1. Arizona at Pittsburgh
  2. Miami at Tampa Bay
  3. Toronto at NY Yankees
  4. St. Louis at Washington
  5. Colorado at Boston
  6. Milwaukee at Atlanta - I heard that Atlanta has won two games at home this year. 
  7. Baltimore at Houston
  8. Chicago (White Sox) at Kansas City

Wednesday Wrap-Up - I wound up with a 0.600 daily batting average.
  1. NY Mets at Washington
  2. Philadelphia at Detroit
  3. Kansas City at Minnesota
  4. ChiCubs at St. Louis
  5. LA Angels at Texas
  6. Cleveland at ChiSox
  7. San Diego at San Francisco
  8. Toronto at NY Yankees
  9. Arizona at Pittsburgh
  10. Colorado at Boston
  11. Milwaukee at Atlanta
  12. Miami at Tampa Bay
  13. Baltimore at Houston
  14. Oakland at Seattle
  15. Cincinnati at LA Dodgers

NBA Side Bar

Now the Cavaliers really took care of business with the Raptors last night and lead the season 3-2. 
The OKC Thunder hope to close out the series out west in Oakland. I think the Warriors will be like Antaeus and regain strength on the home court and force a sixth game, but hey, I have been wrong before.

NHL Shout Out

Many happy returns to the long-suffering San Jose Sharks on their first ever Stanley Cup appearance. Congratulations. Will they face the Tampa Bay Lightning or the Pittsburgh Penguins? Tune in tonight to find out.

Lady Grid out.

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