Monday, January 5, 2015

There You Have It

Most importantly, I send my condolences to the beloved daughters and family of ESPN's Stuart Scott. Your wit and "Boo-yah!" will be missed. Your courage against the relentless enemy showed us all how to live.  Listening to your colleagues and friends speak about your legacy makes me wish I had known you personally as my own friend.  Thank you, sir.  Rest in peace.

On to the gridiron action for the weekend.  Will wonders never cease? I picked three out of four wild card game outcomes correctly.  Dallas beat the Lions and will head to Lambeau Field and the Green Bay Packers.  Seattle is anxiously awaiting the Carolina Panthers who took apart the Arizona Cardinals. Baltimore visits New England on Saturday, and they know how to play well in Foxboro.  Lastly, the Denver Broncos host the Indianapolis Colts.  My predictions will be posted later on this week.

I had fun back in the classroom today.  Lady Grid out.

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