Sunday, January 11, 2015

Home Teams 2-0

The Panthers made an effort but came up short.  My son is disappointed with the result but is plotting next season’s run to Super Bowl 50 even as we speak. The craziness of the end of the first half with Graham Gano kicking three times despite the boing-boing doings of Kam Chancellor was worth the price of admission.  Sheer madness!  The Ravens gave the Patriots a good, exciting game, but the Patriot magic worked again. Poof!  My fantasy players netted me 99 points, so I am in the lead with my family this week.  I’m hoping for some more points today.

Sunday, January 10, 2015

Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field will be televised on Fox about five minutes after high noon. The experts tout this as the most anticipated game of the weekend with references to the infamous Ice Bowl of 1967. The Cowboys are 8-0 on the road; the Packers are 8-0 at home.  Something has to give. Will Aaron Rodgers’ calf be healed enough to play today and one week from today against the Seahawks? Will DeMarco Murray rack up some respectable yardage against a Clay Matthews-led defense?  Excitement abounds as the Lady gets the chili preparations underway. This is the game of destiny.  This is the time for dreams to be fulfilled.  Cowboys – 35, Packers 28.

In the seemingly anti-climatic second game of the day, the Denver Broncos host the fiery Indianapolis Colts at Mile High Stadium just about twenty minutes before tea time. Peyton gets to rely on his running game.  The Colts don’t have a running game.  The Broncos defense wants the opportunity to swarm the backfield and harass Andrew Luck whenever he steps on the field.  Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware live for this type of action.  Broncos – 38, Colts – 24.

Today’s ESPN Gridiron Playoff Challenge roster has Green Bay Packers WR Randall Cobb, K Mason Crosby, and defense along with Denver Broncos RB C.J. Anderson.

Lady Grid out.

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