Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday, Monday

The first ever College Football Playoff Championship is underway, and I didn't tell you who I want to win.  That's a good question deserving an answer. Go Buckeyes!

That reversal on the catch by Dez Bryant was heartbreaking, but who's to say that Rodgers and crew wouldn't have marched it back down, kicked a field goal, and had the same result of a win? Who's to say that the Dallas defense would have held tough to secure a ticket to the Pacific Northwest and the Hawks' Nest? We can't live in the "what ifs," no matter how tempting it is to languish among dreams. Sometimes, the team you want to win does win, and the team you want to win loses. It's life, and that's okay with me.  I remember that there's always next year.

Lady Grid out.

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