Monday, August 21, 2017

Back to School

I started my first day of the school year on Monday, August 21. I was not able to get a post published due to the hectic nature of the day. Now I'll let you know who I think will win on Tuesday. Play ball.


  1. Miami at Philadelphia
  2. Oakland at Baltimore
  3. LA Dodgers at Pittsburgh
  4. Boston at Cleveland
  5. NY Yankees at Detroit
  6. ChiCubs at Cincinnati
  7. Arizona at NY Mets
  8. Toronto at Tampa Bay
  9. Seattle at Atlanta
  10. Miami at Philadelphia
  11. Minnesota at ChiSox
  12. Washington at Houston
  13. Colorado at Kansas City
  14. San Diego at St. Louis
  15. Texas at LA Angels
  16. Milwaukee at San Francisco


A Yellow Flag of Shame to the eleven Cleveland Browns players who chose to kneel during the national anthem. Stop it. You are making things worse. I may actually not watch certain games due to players' actions. I have loved the NFL for most of my life. My handle signifies my love of the pigskin. Please use your money to show your opinion: donate to worthy charities doing good work. Not to hate mongers.

Lady Grid out.

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