Saturday, August 26, 2017

Another Stanton Smash! No, Two!!!


Another #StantonSmash or two! last night. Woohoo! That's my Giancarlo! So proud of his achievement. And seven games out for Miggy C. Hmm.

  1. Mariners vs. Yankees
  2. Twins vs. Blue Jays
  3. Orioles vs. Red Sox
  4. Rangers vs. Athletics
  5. Mets vs. Nationals
  6. Pirates vs. Reds
  7. Cubs vs. Phillies
  8. Tigers vs. White Sox
  9. Rockies vs. Braves - ThaFreeze will win, though.
  10. Padres vs. Marlins
  11. Royals vs. Indians
  12. Rays vs. Cardinals
  13. Giants vs. Diamondbacks
  14. Astros vs. Angels
  15. Brewers vs Dodgers

Lady Grid out.

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