Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mostly Mild Monday


Monday's Wrapup
Batting Average: 0.428
  1. Tigers at Pirates
  2. Miami at Washington
  3. San Diego at Cincinnati
  4. Milwaukee at Minnesota
  5. St. Louis at Kansas City
  6. ChiCubs at San Francisco
  7. Baltimore at LA Angels
Tuesday Games
  1. Marlins vs. Nationals
  2. Tigers vs. Pirates
  3. Yankees vs. Blue Jays
  4. Rangers vs. Mets
  5. Rockies vs. Indians
  6. Padres vs. Reds
  7. Red Sox vs. Rays
  8. Phillies vs. Braves - Is there a cold front moving in? Go, Freeze!!!
  9. Astros vs. White Sox
  10. Brewers vs. Twins
  11. Cardinals vs. Royals
  12. Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks
  13. Mariners vs. Athletics
  14. Orioles vs. Angels
  15. Cubs vs. Giants
First Take

I did laugh while listening to Stephen A. Smith explode about Jay Cutler. Poor lamb. I also saw Cutler's statement about not needing to be in cardiovascular shape as a quarterback. Sigh.

Lady Grid out.

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