Friday, August 4, 2017

Baseball, Football, and Hockey All in One Place Today. . .


Friday's Games

  1. St. Louis at Cincinnati
  2. Detroit at Baltimore
  3. San Diego at Pittsburgh
  4. NY Yankees at Cleveland
  5. ChiSox at Boston
  6. LA Dodgers at NY Mets
  7. Milwaukee at Tampa Bay
  8. Miami at Atlanta - ThaFreeze wins tonight!
  9. Texas at Minnesota
  10. Toronto at Houston
  11. Seattle at Kansas City
  12. Philadelphia at Colorado
  13. Oakland at LA Angels
  14. Arizona at San Francisco
As a recent (read since 1977) Rangers fan, it will be sad to see Yu Darvish battling against the Mets tonight, but now he gets to work on his batting in the NL. As a lifelong Dodgers fan, I am happy though. And Vin Scully is STILL the only voice of the Dodgers.


My Dallas Cowboys won last night, 20-18, and my family is happy to have gridiron on the menu. I wish the NFL would finish up their investigation into E. Elliott's shenanigans. Tsk! Give him a suspension for a game or two to send a message. End of story.


Hats off to Mike Fisher, the Predators player who retired the other day. Best wishes to you in your renewed purpose off the ice.

Lady Grid out.

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