Sunday, November 8, 2015

Solid Gridiron

Friday Night Lights Recap - November 6, 2015

  1. The Frisco Centennial Titans lost to The Colony 24-14.
  2. Plano East Panthers lost to the Allen Eagles.
  3. The undefeated McAllen Memorial Mustangs traveled to play the Mission Eagles and beat them soundly, 67-14. 
  4. We waited until Saturday afternoon for the Lincoln High Tigers to fight a gridiron battle against the Madison Trojans. We should have waited longer. Lincoln lost 31-12. Sigh.
  5. The Manual Arts Toilers (California) made it to .500 with a 65-0 blowout of Locke.

College Gridiron Predictions - November 7, 2015

I've written my choices in bold writing. As you can see, I did a better job at picking the earlier games than the later games yesterday. Sheesh!
  1. Duke at UNC
  2. Kentucky at Georgia
  3. Vanderbilt at Florida
  4. Stanford at Colorado
  5. Notre Dame at Pittsburgh
  6. Arizona State at Washington State
  7. Florida State at Clemson
  8. Iowa at Indiana
  9. Marshall at Middle Tennessee
  10. New Mexico State at Texas State
  11. Navy at Memphis
  12. Utah at Washington
  13. Auburn at Texas A&M
  14. TCU at Oklahoma State
  15. LSU at Alabama

My "Bold" NFL Predictions - November 8, 2015

  1. Cleveland at Cincinnati
  2. Green Bay at Carolina - Don't tell my son I picked against his team this week.
  3. Washington at New England
  4. Tennessee at New Orleans - I want the Saints to win for the Eliminator Challenge on ESPN.
  5. Miami at Buffalo
  6. St. Louis at Minnesota
  7. Jacksonville at NY Jets
  8. Oakland at Pittsburgh
  9. NY Giants at Tampa Bay
  10. Atlanta at San Francisco
  11. Denver at Indianapolis
  12. Philadelphia at Dallas
  13. Chicago at San Diego - Monday Night Football

Lady Grid out.

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